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Alias Thomas A. Katt

Thomas is a healthy, contented and well-loved cat who absolutely hates getting wet.

Mallory is a librarian who rescued Thomas when he was a kitten and loves him dearly.

Tom, alias Thomas A. Katt, or the Current Jerk as Thomas refers to him, is Mallory's boyfriend, a sarcastic, self-absorbed, corrupt police detective.

This story begins at church for the Blessing of the Animals by Saint Expedite who actually is not a real saint. Mallory is holding Thomas waiting in line with Tom for Thomas to receive the blessing. As they are standing in line a statue of St. Expedite suddenly tumbles over onto Thomas and the cross hits Tom and they are both struck unconscious.

Thomas the cat regains consciousness and discovers he now inhabits the body of Tom, the detective, and Tom regains consciousness inhabiting the body of Thomas. The story now becomes a force unto itself with Thomas as the storyteller. We learn the challenges of being a cat trapped in a human body both physically and mentally. As you read you will see that he has maintained some of his feline gracefulness and sly stalking maneuvers which he puts to good use in his quest for Mallory's safety and the reality of the situation he is in.

Mallory is oblivious to the switch that has taken place. She knows something is off because she finds that her boyfriend Tom is very loving and kind and protective of her which is a great transformation from the boyfriend she is used to. She also notices that her cat has changed from a very mellow, loving cat to an angry, spitting monster that bites and scratches everyone and has to be kept sedated for the safety of the Vet, his assistant and anyone that comes in contact with him.

While Thomas is trapped in Tom's body he finds out the horrendous activities the detective and his partner Felix are immersed in. He also discovers that Mallory means nothing more to the detective than a bet to see how long it will take him to seduce her. This Current Jerk is even more evil than he can imagine.

As you follow Thomas thru this story he will comically show you how he handles the everyday human tasks like showering and shaving as well as using his brain to determine the steps he must take to protect and save Mallory. He has a true and everlasting love for her and will protect her at any cost.

All the complications that occur and situations that arise will keep you rooting for Thomas and Mallory. These two characters are so well defined and lovable that you will form a bond with them. The pace of the story is frantic at times and relaxing and loving at others. The writing is powerful and suspenseful while at the same time extremely entertaining and heartwarming. It is so intelligently written and thought provoking that Thomas is a cat that you will never forget. You will be pulled into the story from the moment it starts and hang on tight until the book spits you out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all readers who like a book that is entertaining, suspenseful, totally unexpected and has a love story mingled in with it. This truly is a Must Read!

On a personal note, I will never again look at my cat the same way after reading this book.

Marilou George - The Kindle Book Review

Bob Stewart has managed a rare feat. He has produced a book which is genuinely fun to read. Alias Thomas A. Katt is an imaginative romp, which begins at a Blessing of the Animals, when a statute of a Saint who is not really a Saint, mysteriously falls on a reluctant, water-hating cat and his lovely owner's current boyfriend, Tom - a police detective. When the cat wakes up, his mind is in the boyfriend's body, which means that the boy friend's mind is in the cat's body. From there, the story roller-coasters along, with our disbelief suspended by the hectic pace. Stewart even makes us forget that the narrator is a cat.The cat's owner, the librarian Mallory, is of course blissfully unaware of the switch, and of her boyfriend's status as a thoroughly corrupt, degenerate, world class heel. He's the kind of guy mothers warn daughters about when they say, "they only want one thing." In fact, he has started a pool at the office about how long it will take for him to seduce Mallory. That's the least of his sins, which are a catalog of vices up to and including murder.Unfortunately for Thomas the cat, he is trapped in the detective's body without the detective's memories - which proves to be dangerous. Moreover, handling mundane tasks like sipping water through a straw and using fingers and thumbs to dial a cell phone prove to be difficult. The first time he tries to stand up on two legs, he almost loses his balance, and Mallory comes to the rescue. "Mallory was tiny at five-foot, two inches, so with her arms wrapped around me, she looked like a squirrel trying to hold up its favorite pecan tree."Fortunately for Thomas the cat, he retains the keen senses of cathood, and his feline insights. Children and animals "love without provocation." Even more fortunately, the lovely Mallory decides that he must go home with her, where she can take care of him, to be sure that the blow to his head isn't causing more problems than a simple concussion. Meanwhile, back at the vet's office, when Tom the corrupt detective wakes up in a cat's body, he is not a nice kitty. It's just as well that we aren't told what's going through his mind.Complications follow at a frantic pace, with the mind of Thomas the cat returning back to his old body at damnably inconvenient, and dangerous, times. It's one cat-astrophe after another, dangers piling up until the fel-icitous climax, which will leave all of us wondering about a sequel. Enjoy it.** A special note to animal lovers and people who are involved in animal rescue. Mallory saved him from "death row" when he was a kitten, and now he is fiercely determined to return the favor. You will love the heart-warming and unexpected last chapter.