Bob Stewart

Writer, speaker, journalist, and most importantly, Dad and Granddad!

Hidden Evil

A minister and a deputy sheriff are drawn into a deadly chess match in San Antonio when her daughter becomes the object of obsession of a young man with political connections. Nancy Neff knows about Santeria and Palo Mayombe and confides in Luke Oeding that human sacrifice occurs each Easter Sunday. Cindi disappears a few days before Easter and on the dawn of the Christian holy morning, he finds himself trapped in a crypt in a classic battle between good and evil.​


When neophyte attorney G.W. Chism receives a jury duty summons too late to excuse himself from jury selection, he lands the role of foreman on a disturbing murder trial. Despite the knowledge of a trial error, the jury finds No Mercy Percy guilty and sentences him to death. 

Fifteen years later, Percy Kilbourne is no longer considered a village idiot. In prison, Kilbourne’s genius intellect is uncovered when a guard explains a joke to him and he transforms into a cultivated and reformed convict. When a tape is discovered that could overturn his death sentence, Kilbourne requests attorney G.W. Chism to represent him.

Haunted by the mistake in the original Kilbourne trial, G.W. Chism dedicates his career to serving the letter of the law, even when it is blind to true justice. When a judge orders him to represent Kilbourne, G.W. follows the letter of the law, and Kilbourne walks free, setting into motion a demonic killer’s revenge.


Like thousands of other students, young Jim Kilroy only wanted to have some fun in the sun, pal around with his best friends and do a little flirting. He is kidnapped by a drug cult that practices Santeria and Palo Mayombe and whisked to a desolate ranch where he became a human sacrifice. This book is unique, also, because it is written from the POV of a brave parent and a journalist who reported the event for People Magazine.

Revenge Redeemed

Frank and Elizabeth Morris lost their only child, Ted, in a horrendous automobile accident on Christmas Eve. At first, they sought the death penalty for Tommy Piggage, but that punishment did not fit the crime. The judge however sentenced Tommy to a series of punishments that included watching an autopsy and working in a hospital. Elizabeth contemplates suicide but instead meets Tommy. The devote Christian teaches him the Bible and Frank baptizes him by immersion

No Remorse

Texas serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff was paroled off death row after the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment and went on a killing spree of an unknown number of women. Law enforcement officers estimate about thirteen in a few years. It was the disappearance of Colleen Reed as she washed her car in Austin that propelled him into the national spotlight. Subsequently captured, his third death sentence was carried out.​

Alias Thomas A. Katt

A freak accident propels a cat into the body of his mistress’ boyfriend only to discover the boyfriend is a mob enforcer/serial killer, although known as one of New Orleans’ best detectives. The cat must solve the problems of being human – opposable digits are the devil’s own invention – while protecting Mallory. Always, there is the danger the two will switch bodies again, leaving Mallory in grave danger. The book is written in “feline noir,” from the cat’s point-of-view.

Man to Man

Andy Murcia and Bob Stewart discovered in the same week that their wives suffered from the deadly disease. This book was written in first person by each man as they detail how the movie star, Ann Jillian, and the homemaker, Martha, battled the disease, to finally conquer it. Also, it offers a guide to men, providing suggestions for day-to-day survival. The supporting spouse must rattle those pots and pans, get the kids off to school and demonstrate his love.